Secure, compliant, and seamless e-commerce payments.

Meet the next generation of our proven and secure TC Trustee® products.

TC Trustee® Premier delivers secure e-commerce payment acceptance, reduced PCI scope, and branding continuity all with minimal development effort. Using TC Trustee Premier, merchants do not capture, transmit, or store sensitive payment information.

Benefits include:

  • Maximum PCI scope reduction
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Seamless branding to reduce cart abandonment
  • Can be used for mobile, text, and email payments as well as online

Explore the many benefits of TC Trustee Premier secure hosted payment pages. Read the fact sheet.


Prevent sensitive payment data from entering your systems using TC Trustee®.

TC Trustee® eliminates the need for merchants to capture, transmit, or even store credit card information, reducing PCI DSS scope when properly implemented. It allows for:

  • Full branding and customization capabilities
  • Keeping risky payment data out of your environment
  • Reducing PCI DSS scope

Choose From All Three TC Trustee Options

Customized Hosted Payment Page, Transparent Redirect, and Basic Hosted Payment Page

TC Trustee® Premier delivers secure e-commerce payment acceptance, reduced PCI scope, and branding continuity all with minimal development effort saving clients time and money. Designed for i-Frame, modal windows, or standalone pages, payment pages are designed to scale automatically for desktop, tablet and mobile use. TC Trustee Premier seamlessly matches client’s specific style and/or CSS providing a consistent, uninterrupted checkout experience.

TC Trustee® API seamlessly integrates into the checkout process of your shopping cart, payment page, or other online payment system. Customers enter their credit card data on a form on the merchant’s Web site, submit the payment form, and the data is seamlessly redirected to TrustCommerce.

With hosted payment pages, when a customer purchases products from your website, they will automatically be redirected to the secured TC Trustee hosted payment page. Here, they enter their card data to complete the transaction. After the transaction authorization process, the customer is redirected to a defined page to view transaction details or continue shopping.

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