TC IPA® reduces barriers to EMV and diminishes PCI DSS scope.

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TC IPA® Integrated Payment Application is a payments solution that redefines the way businesses manage their payments infrastructure.

TC IPA lets you centralize payments, compliance, and EMV requirements to a single application that specializes in processing credit cards and ACH securely. Gain control and peace of mind.

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Businesses need to be able to take payments in a secure manner as well as meet the demands of compliance.

Compliance shouldn’t be viewed as an annual achievement, but an ongoing process.

This is where TC IPA comes in. Utilizing TrustCommerce’s proven encryption and tokenization technology, TC IPA joins payment processing with simplified ongoing compliance.

De-scope your environment by letting TrustCommerce own the process from device through processing. This relieves you of the cost and burden of complex and time consuming PCI audits and EMV certification, while reducing risk, liability and exposure to credit card theft.

Protect payment data inflight with encryption and at rest using tokenization to reduce PCI DSS scope, time and costs.

TC IPA Advantages

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On Target

TC IPA offers these benefits and many others:

  • The ability to collect all major electronic payment types across multiple channels and locations
  • The application controls all aspects of the card transaction de-scoping other applications
  • Reduces PCI DSS requirements, time and costs
  • Keeps PAN data out of merchant systems, de-scoping those systems, further reducing client’s risk, liability and exposure
  • Centralized reporting and control

How Do I Purchase TC IPA?

Ask about TC IPA’s custom pricing model.

TC IPA pricing is based on individual client needs and use. To determine your specific needs and recommend the right solutions for you, please contact a Solutions Consultant.

Questions? Give us a call at 800.915.1680.

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