Watermelons and Compliance

My dad, a process safety engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry sent me a text yesterday, saying that he was going to send me an article about watermelons. I thought this was unusual on a couple of counts. First, my dad was sending me an article about watermelons, and secondly, this somehow related to my work as a compliance professional. Send the article he did. I read it and, lo and behold, there actually is a connection to my work…

The Role of Compliance and Ethics in Today’s Payments Companies

The payments industry is highly complex and highly regulated. It’s unlikely that a person new to the industry would walk in and be able to identify right from wrong, speaking in regulatory sense. The lattice of regulation created by the card brand rules, state and local laws, as well as federal regulation, and potentially international laws, can cause confusion even among well-entrenched payments professionals.