Use tokenization for stored payment data.

All too often headlines detail the latest company crippled by a breach of data security. Whether it’s an employee abusing access to sensitive cardholder information or a large-scale attack, the results can be devastating. Remove the risk—ensure sensitive payment information never enters your environment and is stored securely using tokenization.

In March 2001, TrustCommerce was the first to introduce the tokenization model for subscription-based merchants. Tokenization replaces cardholder data with a unique identifier known as a token.

Here’s how it works:

  • Protects merchant from risk of storing sensitive payment data
  • Facilitates recurring and installment payment management
  • Lowers the cost of PCI DSS compliance

Why Use A Token?

Tokens do not contain cardholder information which keeps hackers away.

Why use a token? If intercepted, the data contains no cardholder information, rendering it useless to hackers. The Primary Account Number (PAN) cannot be retrieved even if the token and the systems it resides on are compromised nor can the token be reverse engineered to arrive at the PAN.

TrustCommerce provides tokens for both single-use and multi-use scenarios. For example, all transactions provide a unique ID that can be used for follow up transactions such as settlement and refund requests and the TC Citadel provides BillingId tokens that can be used in a multi-use scenario.

Don’t leave your security to chance. Let TrustCommerce® encrypt, secure, and warehouse your cardholder data.


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